Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sable Boat Ramp Snowshoe and More

Yesterday we had a heat wave in Grand Marais.  Day time temperatures actually rose to 12 degrees!  It is amazing what a difference that 10 or 15 degrees make.  Lois Fite and I parked at the corner of William Hill Road and Lowder Road, which is where the snow plowing stops.  We headed down the road toward the boat ramp.

We had glimpses of the sun.

The two days of white-out snow earlier this week coated all the trees again.

From the boat ramp, looking across Sable Lake to the Grand Sable dunes.

Looking toward the west side of the lake.  Yes, the wind was whipping up the snow.

A family of birch...

On the way back to the car, we veered off the road to snowshoe over to the foot bridge across Sable River, which is located between cross country ski trail A and Sable Lake.  We were there earlier this winter when we found out that the high water level had dislodged the bridge.  It is still dislodged, although covered completely in snow now.  I am glad that no one has tried to walk across it since it looks intact -- but it is not.

Looking down stream....there is a lot of snow!

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