Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunny Winter Snowshoe on Beach east of Grand Marais

Yesterday friend, Lois Fite, and I decided to snowshoe somewhere different.  We parked on Cemetery Road east of town and braved a crossing of the Sucker River to access the beach east of town.

Looking east from the end of the road toward what is left of Lonesome Point.  At least a half mile of the point, which used to extend toward town, has eroded over the past few decades.  In fact there used to be a separate bay (East Bay) that no longer exists.

As we reached the edge of the ice, I took this picture looking north toward Coast Guard Point.

Continuing east...

Shelf ice (or icebergs as we locals call them)...

We decided to climb up a taller formation on the first row of shelf ice.  This row actually forms at the high water mark, so we felt it was fairly safe. 

Lois's dog, Bear, always leads the way.

Due to the higher lake level as well as the tremendous storms that never seem to end these days, the destruction and erosion of our shoreline has intensified.

We climbed the bluff to get a better view so that we could see over the shelf ice.

Interesting view of the lighthouse at the end of the breakwall...

Heading back to the car...

Next we drove out to the end of Coast Guard Point to check out the channel.  Below is the coast guard station, which is now owned by the national park.

The channel leading into the bay....

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