Monday, February 23, 2015

Skiing the PRNL Trails

On Saturday I skied some of the Pictured Rocks trails.  While snowshoeing on Friday along the ski trail, I noticed that the tack was perfect.  However, due to a few inches of snow overnight, the track was not nearly as good by late Saturday afternoon. was still worth it even if it was a bit of work due to the new snow.

First, here is a photo I took from Jamey and Lois Fite's B&B.  The bay, of course, is completely frozen.

Next, a photo of H58 east showing a tunnel of snow coated trees.

Ski trail A....

The snow gauge along the trail says 30 inches.  In my yard the average non-drifted depth is around 40 inches.

Crescent moon...


  1. WOW really nice magnification on the moon ! What did you use to capture it?

  2. I have a Canon SX50 that has a combined 200 X zoom. The trick is just holding the camera steady. I love my camera.