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History Items For Sale -- Post 4

Background Information about this Sale  -- See History Item Sales Post 1 (listing below) for this information.

If you are interested in buying an item, send me an email to either or  You can also leave me a personal message on Facebook.  My main Facebook page is under Karen Ann Penegor Brzys at  The buyer will be determined by the exact time of the email or personal message.  In your communication, please mention which blog post the item was listed in as well as the item reference number (not the file number for the photo since since some items have multiple photos).

The prices listed are firm.  The total price will be calculated prior to finalizing each transaction once I find out to where the item(s) must be shipped.  The listed prices include sales tax. Once you express an interest in an item, I will mark it "SALES PENDING." As soon as is possible, once an item is purchased -- I will mark it sold on the post.

I will be scanning all the photos and some of the other documents before I ship them to the winners.  Thus, if you do not successfully purchse one of the originals, you will have the chance to purchase high quality reproductions in the near future.

NOTE:  All sales of these items benefit the Gitche Gumee Museum.

Category 4:  Vintage Grand Marais Postcards   
$6.00 each (unless otherwise noted)

This set of items includes Grand Marais postcards from the early 1900s.  There are six sets of postcards in the photos.  Each postcard has a designated number (e.g. 4a).  If you are interested in purchasing any of the postcards, please send me an email or a Facebook personal message and mention the individual postcard number.  Each of the post cards is $6.00 (not including postage).  Click on the image sets to see the the postcards better.

Postcard Set 1 $6.00 each
1a  Lake Street, Grand Marais, MI
1b  First boat out Hawward Season in 1907, Grand Marais, Mich. -- same as 3g
1c Lake Street, Grand Marais (taken from top of steps at Superior Hotel)
1d  Galatea and the Ice Bergs, Grand Marais, Mich (shipwreck) -- 3 copies 1 copy SOLD
1e  Life Savers making connection with Government Telephone Line -- same as 4d
1f  Teenie Weenies Pickle Barrel home at original location on Sable Lake SOLD
1g Grand Marais School -- 15 copies
1h  Birdseye view of Grand Marais, Mich --2 copies  1 copy SOLD
1i  Loading barge with lumber, Grand Marais, Mich --4 copies  1 copy SOLD

Postcard Set 2 $6.00 each
2a  Lake Superior shoreline (from woodland park)  SOLD
2b  Hotel Pippin, Grand Marais, Mich SOLD
2c  Holy Rosary Church, Grand Marais 
2d  Au Sable Lake, Grand Marais, Mich
2e  Bathing Beach, Grand Sable Lake (this postcard not as old, maybe 1940s)
2f  Logs to be rafted, Hurricane Creek
2g Cook, Curtis & Miller Saw Mill (left half double card) -- 2 copies
2h Cook, Curtis & Miller Saw Mill (right half double card) -- 2 copies
2i  Wildwood Inn (now Lake Superior Brewing Co.) -- 5 copies  1 copy SOLD

Postcard Set 3 $6.00 each
3a  Sable Falls
3b  Muskalonge Lake, Deer Park, near Grand Marais, Mich
3c  1897 Marais Lumber Mill (scrap lumber/saw dust burner heat for steam)
3d  Teenie Weenie Home at original location on Sable Lake
3e  Mid-Winter at Grand Marais, MI (dog team)
3f  Birdseye view, Grand Marais, MI -- 2 copies
3g First boat out Hawward Season in 1907, Grand Marais, Mich. -- same as 1b
3h Marais Lumber Company Mill SOLD
3i  Grand Marais Avenue SOLD
3j  The Barrel in Teenie Weenie Land, Grand Sable Lake

Postcard Set 4 $6.00 each
4a  Nettleton Hotel, Grand Marais, Mich SOLD
4b  Grand Marais children (interesting info written on back)
4c  The Indian Drum, Pictured Rocks
4d  Life Savers making connection with Government Telephone Line -- same as 1e SOLD
4e  Wrecking tug "Favorite" off Grand Marais harbor in Lake Superior blow
4f   Pictured Rocks
4g Woodland Park, Grand Marais, Mich
4h View in Woodland Park (covered in plastic causing reflection)  SOLD
4i  Greetings from Grand Marais, Michigan

Postcard Set 5 $6.00 each unless otherwise noted
5a  Pictured Rocks
5b  Snow in Grand Marais, Mich
5c  Pickle Barrel (moved to town).  This is actually a photo Price $1.00
5d  1938 Coast Guard point original breakwall (this is actually a photo.Price $3.00
5e  1927 photo of coast guard point
5f   1930s picture of Pickle Barrel and Hills Store SOLD
5g  1924 photo of Sable Falls  SOLD
5h  Grand Sable Lake (in protective plastic causing reflection)
5i   Evergreen Cabins M77 & Adams Trail SOLD

Postcard Set 6 $6.00 each unless otherwise noted
6a  Grand Marais, Mich fish docks (some damage)  Price $2.00
6b  Wabash House Hotel, Grand Marais, Mich  Price $1.00
6c  1909 Hello this is Grand Marais, Mich
6d  1909 Dancing in Grand Marais, Mich
6e  Camping at Woodland Park, Grand Marais, MI  SOLD

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